a family that lives and travels in a motorhome

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Nomadawana una familia que viaja y vive en autocaravana.

descubre el proyecto de una familia que deja todo para embarcarse en una nueva vida, una vida nómada.

follow us on our adventure

Nomadawana is the project of a family that leaves everything to embark on a new life, a nomadic life.

Our tour begins in the Central Peruvian Jungle, our idea is to travel the American continent from Ushuaia to Alaska by the mythical Pan-American Route, after this journey we will try to cross Europe or Asia in our Nissan Patrol and 61 4×4 transformed by ourselves into a Motorhome. During the pandemic we decided to change our lives and we got down to work with our dream, our engine, our little one, since we think that one cannot take care of the planet if you do not know it and frankly we doubt if there will be something left when you are older, making this trip documenting the most interesting places of our adventure is our legacy for him and future generations.

¿Conseguiremos llegar a España mientras recorremos el mundo?

nomadawana crew


professor and geologist

Eder lópez Facundo


apprentice and teacher

Jair López Martín


filmmaker and musician

If you want to help us in this project you can do it, in many ways, from a comment on our networks, through inviting us to a coffee or through our Paypal account.
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